May 11, 2021

FASHION ACCESSORIES// Fashion, styling

FASHION ACCESSORIES// Fashion, styling


Do you have a certain outfit you wear daily or more often?  I admit I sometimes don’t always feel like

changing my outfits everyday. Number 1, it usually is because a outfit is more comfortable and easier to wear then others. i.e. example being my go to outfit in a hurry.  The simple dress with blazer standby.  But one thing I always do if  I am wearing it so often is change the accessories, jewelry  is the one way I like to do that, then the shoes or purse.

CHANGING ACCESSORIES….. shoes, purses, jewelry

the simplest way to change any outfit is with accessories, here are a few ideas

the can make an outfit look completely different.

BONUS : A way to wear your clothes more often and save some money.

OUTFIT :   a pair of black slacks,  a creme top



OUTFIT 2 ; a simple  dress, lady like look.



OUTFIT 3 ; neutral inspired, beige outfit

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