FALL FASHIONS PICKS/// Fashion,style

FALL FASHIONS PICKS/// Fashion,style


Its time to retire the summery outfits and start to bring out the fall things from the closet.
These days many of us are still in lockdown so maybe we are more interested in having
things that we can wear at home.

Here are some of my picks for both home or when going out.


 If you wear slacks a lot a nice shoe or boot can make it your outfit a bit more interesting.
I find a nice simple shoe is a good choice for everyday, especially for work, in the office.

BOOTS meant for walking

But another great piece of footwear are ankle boots. I like them for how comfortable they are and also how easy they can be to put on.


these pairs will add a lot to our everyday look, the warm colours for fall.
love the colours and the slingback . Can been worn for summer or fall.


THE CLASSICS – Loafer & Ballets


A nice warm cardigan is heavenly when the winds start to blow and the air is chilly.

JUMPSUITS a very versatile piece

comfortable, easy to wear and one piece, perfect for home , at work or anytime. The ease of a jumpsuit is  simply the easiest outfit to wear, no more looking for a top or blouse .
This jumpsuit is practical , as you can wear a stylish blazer with it for going out or to meetings.

SPORTSWEAR active at home 

yes I think many of us are wearing this at home , not only for going to the gym. (especially now)
We still want to get excerise and work out whether at home or outdoors.


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