May 11, 2021

THE UNIFORM// fashion, style

THE UNIFORM// fashion, style


I always think of a UNIFORM  as something someone who works with an airline , the police or military or even a school uniform, but even normal everyday people have a  certain uniform they like to wear.

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Business or banking is a more formal outfit, the suit and tie style.

The uniform can be something you like to wear more often, whether its a  simple t-shirt, or  a dress. The one outfit you would grab first to wear for the day.

I have certain outfits , favourites I like to wear more often then others: one is a classic style – a simple black (one shoulder) dress with a blazer , a tote and wedge shoes; the other more casual look was a pair of slacks with plenty of pockets, a tunic shirt and tank top  worn under. 

Now for summer it has been a  A-line dress with a cardigan, sandals and straw tote. So it sort of changes from season to season.

In the fall I tend to wear my leather biker jacket or trench coat with a knit top and slacks more, then winter its my colourful knit pullovers or a nice knit dress. 


For work it was a suit set, a more business formal style. Blazers, skirt,/slacks, blouse & heels.

But overall my outfits have to be comfortable, and make me feel good when wearing them. A lot depends on my mood too, some days I like a casual fun style, other time a sporty look. 

So what is your uniform, go- to outfit?

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