May 11, 2021

Inside Out Style is 12 So I got a Makeover

Inside Out Style is 12 So I got a Makeover


If you’d asked me 12 years ago if I thought I’d be still writing Inside Out Style and that it would have turned into the encyclopaedia of colour and style, I’d have probably thought you were crazy.  Yet here we are 12 years later and I’m still creating new content (and I thought I’d be running out of ideas a long time ago).  Inside Out Style blog - the colour and style encyclopedia by Imogen Lamport

To celebrate my 12th Blogiversary, I decided it was time for a makeover as it’s always good to refresh your look every few years.  So I commissioned a new illustration that includes my now almost 18 month old whippets Bo and Arrow (who inspired this blog post about finding your style recipe) and keep me laughing with their antics every day.

How to use your pet as inspiration for your style recipe

And used a photo of me from earlier this year in a unique piece designed by the brilliant Alfia Galimova who creates incredibly wearable and fabulous pieces.

dress by Alfia Galimova for Imogen Lamport

And then my brilliant tech assistant Kate and I updated the whole look to complete this transformation and hopefully make it easier to navigate and modernise it for 2020s (well at least the first few of them).

I’ve also added in an additional free download that encapsulates my 6 Brilliant Strategies for Creating the Perfect For You Wardrobe – which you can download here. 

6 Brilliant Strategies for Creating your Perfect Wardrobe

In the past 12 years I’ve written over 2400 posts! And uploaded over 10 000 photos and images to illustrate each of these posts.

 I remember when I started that I thought to myself … well if nobody ever reads it, at least I’ll be creating content that I could one day turn to a book.   I’m pretty sure I could now fill multiple books with how much content is here!

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you for coming here and reading my work.  It’s a passion project in many ways (it seriously costs me a fortune to keep this “free” website running) which is why I so value my readers who decide to invest in their own style and take my online style programs as without them I wouldn’t still be able to afford to keep it running.  That you see the value in how defining and refining your own style will not only give you more confidence but also help you create a cohesive wardrobe that’s full of clothes and outfits you love to wear makes me truly happy. 

That my passion to empower women to educate themselves about style and colour and then apply this knowledge so that they are not at the mercy of fashion trends, fashion influencers or salespeople, and instead has them in their own style driver’s seat is what gets me up and back here day after day for the past dozen years.

There is so much research that says what you wear can change your life in so many ways, starting by helping you feel more confident, which then ripples out to your whole life, your work, your relationships and how others see you.  Your image can open doors or have them slam in your face.  So as much as some devalue style as shallow or unimportant, I know, that you know its impact really runs deep.  This is why so often people will reveal to me that they refuse invitations for lack of the “right” clothes.  That they feel bad or inauthentic in their clothes and they don’t want to be seen in them, but are equating style and image to “fashion” rather than understanding the full impact of how the clothes on your back impact your mood, your sense of self, and of course your day.  

This is why actors wear costumes, as they communicate volumes about personality, place, time, politics, religion, rank, gender, attitudes, values and beliefs … to name a few things.  And just as those characters are communicating this all non-verbally with you as you watch them.  Your clothing, grooming and accessory choices are communicating with everyone who comes into contact with you.

Did you know that there is even research on how you judge someone’s character based solely on their shoes!  

So make sure you put your best foot forward (as they say) and keep on upgrading your style!  

Remember, style is a journey, not a destination.

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