May 11, 2021

Enjoying the [email protected]// lifestyle

Enjoying the Weekend@home// lifestyle

HI everyone! Well its nearly the end of August ,  I can’t believe it!

A few projects we started during the lockdown and prior to, organizing is top on the list.

Then a few garden goodies to enjoy over the summer also was a nice treat.

So what were some of things you have been enjoying this month´?

GARDENING, and other things…..

The last few weeks have been so hot here. The idea of doing anything in the heat was not appealing.
So decided to gather up some of the vegetables that are growing , tomatoes galore! So many can’t possibility eat them all. So decided to make soup.  A nice treat to have though I eat it cold , more like a juice really. I love tomatoes and most vegetables really.

The neighbours have an apple tree ,bags of apples which we get  to make apple sauce .

Yes a home garden can really make summers delicious with all the produce and vegetables to
partake of .

this has become a very  good or bad thing, depending on how i look at it. Its also great to get somethings cleared out . My dearest is a big techno and audio fiend , so there is always something
laying around. wires cables,magazines etc. We finally replaced his old dark bookcases with some modern  white units. So it really lightens up the space.  One room  I have named the NASA  room because of all the computers , it is also suppose to be a guest/exercise space. . In that space we changed  the shelfs also , with birch units and a tall storage unit. Can never have enough storage!! But there is still plenty to do, a lot more actually.  ; ((   An ongoing project.

NASA room 

after all the months of the pandemic, I am sure most of the world is praying that the vaccines will be
available soon. I sure am! Even though I can’t complain, I am getting really bored of the daily grind,
the lack of close contact with others, going places.  Once this craziest is over, a trip somewhere is on my list! Maybe even a road trip.  The best times I have had was when we drove through parts of Europe! Going to places not on the usual tourists list.

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