GOING CASUAL // fashions,

GOING CASUAL // fashions,


With so many people  now having to work from home or not –  the trend or interest in wearing comfortable things at home has increased.  We are wanting more lounge wear, sweatshirts, leggings and other comfortable clothing.


I have to admit I have never owned  a sweatshirt (till lately) or leggings, even at home. I can imagine they are comfortable to wear, like wearing PJs inside.  My usual casual wear were matching sets, tops and slacks that I could wear out to go to the parks, quick shopping or cycling. Something I guess you might call   dressy casual.  Three of my favourites outfits were a navy set with contrast stitching,  a faux suede set, and a pink set .

But now that I am at home more and trying to exercise inside, I am more inclined to find a pair of leggings or biker shorts and a baggy top  to wear.  Something loose and comfortable to wear is ideal. Even just to lounge around in a nice lounge set is ideal.

Some of my fun picks for lounging at home. 


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