January 28, 2021

Enjoying the weekend @fleamarkets// lifestyle, decor, markets, recycling

Enjoying the weekend @fleamarkets// lifestyle, decor, markets, recycling


I have always loved to rummage around flea markets and auctions. We would go some weekends to have a look. Like they say, ‘Another mans junk; is another mans treasure.’

 I enjoy finding one of kind things, plus its a way to keep things out of the landfills and reusing things  Recycling is one way to do that.


Pair of metal lanterns  have the rustic look with chipped paint, but i liked them the way they were for now;  maybe later will repaint them.  Something like this or in black


A wicker basket    is really useful to carry things outside on the terrace. I use it to take wine bottles or anything needed for dining al fresco.  A small piece of the wicker was missing around the handle so i wrapped twine around it, but will stain it to match.   A wicker basket is always handy!

A large bamboo tray,  also needed some repairing but its great and holds a lot of things. I use it for serving, or placing items to keep things organized in one place, i.e. the bathroom, creams, soaps, products.

Yes the things one can find while out is amazing and they are useful too. So a BONUS!

Are you a fan of flea markets or like to find things to recycle ? What are some of your finds or treasures?

NOTE: I always wash items first in hot water, bleach and liquid soap, to make sure its clean and fresh.  Now it is especially important to disinfect things.


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