January 28, 2021

Wednesday’s Workwear Report: Silk Collarless Blouse

Wednesday’s Workwear Report: Silk Collarless Blouse

Since there are so many questions daily about masking, social distancing etc, allow me to offer a foreigner’s perspective. I live in a small country that has virtually zero community transmission, and less than 30 deaths (55000+ cases).

1. Compulsory masking at all times, no exceptions unless you’re running, Swimming, eating etc
2. Heavy fines if you are caught without a mask
3. Compulsory contact tracing through phone app, no exceptions. No app, no entry
4. No, it doesn’t matter if you’re alone on the road. You still mask up. Since you don’t know who was there a minute ago and might have coughed particles into the air.

The guiding principle is that the health of all depends on each of us. No catering to special snowflakes.

Schools have opened with full attendance. Social distancing in classrooms, all kids are masked.
Most offices are wfh. All essential services take precautions etc. You can’t enter the post office if there are more than 5 pax there, that kind of thing. US embassy workers are still going in though, we have a few of them as neighbours.

BUT it means we can function again, more or less. Less closures, less unemployed etc.

The whole point is – Societal good above individual “freedom”.
Sounds draconian, I’m sure. But it works.


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