January 16, 2021

How To Shop Online Like A Pro

How To Shop Online Like A Pro

How To Shop Online Like A Pro

We’re bombarded with sales many times of the year, but this year, the sales are constant. With most stores closed, we’re limited to online shopping. The temptation can be very high and the deals are out there, so here are a few ideas to help you shop online like a pro.

Take Inventory

Have a good handle on what you currently own. If you are a die-hard jeans wearer like me, you’ll naturally gravitate to the jeans section. Be sure to stop and ask yourself if you really need to duplicate that pair of skinnies.  How about adding a pair of boot cuts or straight jeans to your wardrobe? Is it a dead ringer of what’s already in your closet?

Set Aside A Budget

If you buy clothes seasonally, plan to spread your spending out. Don’t use all your budgeted money in the first week or month of the season.

Investment Dressing Formula

Use the Search Bar

Each store has it’s own search bar which allows you to find exactly what you’re looking for. Narrow the search down further by filtering based on department, size, color, and (often) shape.

Do You Love Or Need It?

Some fashion dollars will go to things you love and some will go to things you need. Your smartest shopping dollars fulfill both those criteria. Never settle for something just because you “need” one because the perfect alternative that you love will cross your path soon after… in other words, don’t spend your dollars on “just ok”.

Getting The Right Fit

  • know your measurements and consult each garments size chart
  • read the reviews to see what other shoppers think…remember that some shoppers are simply snarky so don’t base your decision on one review
  • review the store return policy so you aren’t surprised later
  • if they offer free shipping, buy several sizes and return what doesn’t work
  • check the fabric content and look up its qualities – for example, polyester may be easy to care for, but very hot to wear

Give Yourself Time

Don’t feel rushed to complete your purchase. A good night’s sleep will often change how you feel about a garment or accessory. Leave things in your virtual shopping cart overnight or even for a few days. If it’s sold out when you come back, don’t panic, there is never a shortage of great options.

Also – How to Shop For Investment Pieces

Buy For The Life You Live

Who hasn’t purchased clothes for the life we wished we were living? (Enter, my daughter Vanessa, and the four formal gowns she bought last winter!) Most of our wardrobe needs have become much more casual this year so be realistic about your wardrobe needs now.

Stay With Brands You Know

Now may not be the time to experiment with brands you’ve never tried. For the best shopping success, stick with the brands you know and rely on for quality and fit.

Buy What Fits You Now

Never buy something that you think will fit you when you lose those stubborn ten pounds. Buy what fits now and plan to alter when you lose weight. And do NOT pay attention to the number on the tag. Your clothes will look better on if they skim your body, rather than squeeze.

Don’t Shop When You’re Feeling Down

We all have down days and these are not the best time for retail therapy. Ever. Take a walk, read a fun book or organize your wardrobe, but step away from the online sirens call.

And finally, never buy anything on sale that you would not pay full price for.

Are you getting more successful with shopping for your wardrobe online?

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how to shop onlione like a pro

Thanks for reading and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.


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