May 11, 2021

The Top 10 Easiest, Cheapest Outfit Ideas on the Planet. Oh, and They’re Stylish Too!

The Top 10 Easiest, Cheapest Outfit Ideas on the Planet. Oh, and They’re Stylish Too!

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Instagram and Pinterest are great for mindless scrolling, but sometimes you need an edit. That’s especially true when you’re looking to upgrade your wardrobe with some easy outfit ideas. So let’s skip past the odd mix of food, celebrity, and family pics in your feeds and get right to it. Here are 10 super easy and budget-friendly outfit ideas for women.

10 best budget fashion outfit ideas for women

1. Cotton dress plus sneakers

You can find yourself a cute cotton or jersey dress for less than $15 at H&M. The shoes will be the pricier side of your outfit, and you’ll have to decide where the compromise lies between style and price. You might like Vionic slip on sneakers for their bold colors and mixed-media styling; the price at about $120 may be budget or not, depending on what you’d normally spend on shoes. A less expensive, but plainer option is the canvas sneaker from Ardene for $22.

2. Shift dress plus sandals

A shift dress in a lightweight fabric is one of the most feminine and flirty styles you can buy. Plus, you can readily find this silhouette in nearly any color or pattern at a reasonable price. If you don’t mind showing off your arms, a sleeveless piece with a halter-style neckline is a sexy addition to your summer wardrobe. Find shift dresses at Tobi or Old Navy.

Any simple flat sandal from Target or Walmart can anchor a shift dress. Bonus tip: Choose a shoe in a color that’s close to your skin tone and your legs will look super long.

3. Cropped, colored denim with blouse

Cropped, colored jeans aren’t at the forefront of trends currently, but they always brand the wearer as a style maker. They’re quirky in a good way. Try a bold peach, lime green, or even a fire engine red. Pair them with a white or neutral-tone blouse for a pulled-together look.

A year ago, I bought lavender cropped jeans from Sam’s Club for $17. Sadly, that deal is long gone. But you can try QVC (really) Nordstrom for cute styles priced at around $40. If you have more to spend, check out Topshop and Boohoo.

4. Floral dress and denim jacket

Floral dresses are trending this summer, and they’ll be trending again next summer. That’s great news for budget fashionistas, because the dress you buy today will continue you to be fashionable for all of time — unless you choose a trendy cut or pattern (RIP cold shoulder and color blocking). You can find affordable floral dresses at your favorite discount retailer — Target, Walmart, and Kmart included. If you prefer to buy your clothes at stores that just sell clothes, try Old Navy or nearly any department store clearance rack.

The most flattering denim jacket to pair with your floral dress is the cut that’s slightly cropped. You might have to spend a little more to find one that fits just right, but you’ll wear it again and again. And when it falls apart, you can keep wearing it as a distressed piece.

5. A-line skirt and crop top

A full, high-waisted skirt paired with a crop top is effortlessly chic and has a fun retro vibe to boot. You don’t have to show off any skin either. Find a crop top that lands just at the top of your skirt. Or, invest in a fitted top you can tuck in. The effect will be the same: small waist and kickin’ curves (and yes, that is a reference to Sir Mix-A-Lot).

Modcloth is a great source for cute A-line skirts and you can find any style crop top on Amazon.

6. Jeans and a t-shirt

Any list of the best budget fashion outfit ideas of all time would be incomplete without a reference to the reliable jeans-and-t combo. If you’re going for style over comfort, pass on the distressed jeans and reach for a tidy, dark-wash style instead. I’m not opposed to distressed jeans in principle, but they can look sloppy when paired with a basic t-shirt.

1822 Denim and Old Navy are reliable sources for affordable jeans that actually fit and flatter. And every woman should have a few of Target’s Universal Thread v-neck t-shirts on hand.

7. Maxi skirt and silky tank

A maxi skirt and tank is another of those easy and feminine combos that always works. If you’re having trouble making the outfit fit your figure, try experimenting with thick and thin belts. Often, the addition of a contrasting belt at the waist is enough to turn a frumpy look into something really special. To keep the look elevated, choose a tank with a silky construction, rather than jersey. Add a long necklace if you have one.

You can find this whole outfit on a budget at Target or Amazon.

8. Jumpsuit and heeled sandals

Jumpsuits are naturally economically because they stand in for the top and the bottom pieces. And if you think you can’t wear a jumpsuit, that’s only because you haven’t found the right style yet. There are jumpsuit silhouettes that will flatter any figure. Most women like a belted style best, but you might also need a fitted bodice or slim-cut leg, depending on your shape.

Pair your jumpsuit with a heeled sandal from the DSW clearance rack. Choose thin straps for dressier occasions and thick straps for casual days.

9. Faux leather pants and lightweight blouse

A girl’s gotta make a statement sometimes, right? When you’re feeling saucy, find yourself a pair of faux leather leggings that aren’t too tight. Slip a white, lightweight collarless blouse on top. Surplice and front-tie styles are easy because you don’t have to tuck them in. Add a bold red lip color and you’re ready to turn heads.

You can find leather leggings on the clearance pages at our fav online clothing stores: ASOS, NastyGal, and Missguided for example. Zara carries them on occasion, too. Try South Moon Under and Nordstrom Rack for surplice tops.

10. Bodycon and heels

Bodycon and bandage dresses get a lot of flack, but that’s because there are so many cheesy pieces out there. Search bodycon dress on Amazon and you’ll quickly see what I mean. Even so, a well-constructed and lined bodycon dress looks great on nearly any figure. It doesn’t matter how big or small you are, fabric that sits close to your body flatters more than loose, billowy styles.

The clearance pages on ASOS and Missguided are good sources for bodycon dresses for less than $30, but you will have to scroll through some too-tight options to find one you like.

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