December 5, 2020

Planet Bee is Helping to Heal the Hive!

Planet Bee is Helping to Heal the Hive!

Haley Looks Bee-u-tiful in the You Are Bee-u-tiful Graphic Sweatshirt

We hive un-bee-lievable news! We’ve partnered with Planet Bee to help protect our planet’s pollinators! The buzz-worthy non-profit foundation is dedicated to creating hands-on workshops with schools and countless community organizations to help build long-lasting care for the honey bees. Pretty sweet, right? To learn more about this amazing organization, we sat down with queen bee Haley, program manager at Planet Bee. Keep scrolling to find out why we are so buzzed about this partnership!

Busy as a Bee

When we first heard about Planet Bee, we couldn’t help but pollen in love. As Haley explains it, “Planet Bee is on a mission to change the world – one bee and one mind at a time! We teach environmental stewardship through the power of individual action. That means, we show folks the small ways they can make a difference for our pollinator friends in their everyday life.” In their efforts to help heal the hive, the foundation has kept busy by educating over 30,000 students with their hands-on workshops. Provided at little or no cost, these programs feature a variety of bee-saving measures – from adopting a hive to bee-ometry lessons.

The only thing busier than Planet Bee? The actual honey bees that they protect! Haley notes, “Female honey bees, called worker bees, do all the work in the hive. Drones, the males bees, do nothing.” Um, who run the world!!?? She continues, “Worker bees are incredibly hard workers and only live for about 4-6 weeks because they literally work themselves to death. They get smarter as they get older and their jobs get harder. The most difficult job is the one they do when they are the end of their life: leaving the hive to forage for nectar and pollen.” Can you bee-lieve that?

Meant to Bee

Haley’s Planet Bee journey can often seem like it was meant to bee. “I buzzed into pollinating minds about the importance of bees after working in sustainability at Stanford University. Planet Bee Foundation has hives on the campus and I was lucky enough to coordinate fun sustainability events like Earth Day or honey harvests with dorms.”

A love of nature has permeated every aspect of Haley’s life, from what she studied – permaculture – to how she spends her free time – tending to her big garden of fruits and vegetables. As such, she bee-lieves her career should also reflect her environmentalism. “I’m on a mission to work with people and places that are committed to raising awareness about the environment, which is why I’m so in love with Planet Bee. From working with our staff, and teaching folks about bees and the environment, to raising money to continue our social justice mission.”

How You Can Help the Hive

To bee or not to bee – is that even a question? When it comes to ways you can support the honey bees, Haley has a ton of sweeter-than-honey suggestions.

“Buy produce from the farmers market or from small farms. Most small farms avoid the use of pesticides, which is an un-bee-lievable way to help the bees! 

Plant bee-friendly flowers, plants, or shrubs.

Buy honey from a local beekeeper.”

“Keep a messy garden or lawn! Leaving dead plant stalks or leaves will provide lovely habitat for native bees, who are struggling with habitat loss.

Put out a small, shallow dish of water with a few rocks in it to provide water for bees.

Talk to your friends about bees! Don’t forget to use lots of puns – you’ll be hivin’ a good time! Bee-come a bee advocate!”

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