May 11, 2021

A LITTLE FLIRTY// fashion, shopping

A LITTLE FLIRTY// fashion, shopping


This one dress was really a surprise. The fit is perfect, the length ideal, but what I really love about this dress is the flared bottom.  It drapes lovely and has a bit of swing to it when you walk.  
I must say I fell in love with it, for the summer it  is ideal. 

The other thing the price was unbelievable, that is why I am even more surprised with it. 
Its a simple  A line cut with the added flare bottom  just makes it extra fun to wear. 

How I wish  it came in more colors, I would have been happy to have more!

Definitely my kind of style.

I styled it with the bright pink cotton cardigan and a favourite small bag which can be shortened or lengthen, worn as a crossover or carried over the arm.  Pink is the  colour on trend , you will see this colour in shoes and accessories.


The dress is made of viscose material so it is  light and comfortable and cool which was what I wanted most of all. 

pair it with espadrilles , white wrap sandals or flip flops

and we are set to go! 

Definitely going to be one of my favourites this summer.

Do you have a favourite outfit you like to wear?

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