May 11, 2021

Feeling Stress? Try Budget-Friendly Crystal Jewelry for Well Being and Style

Feeling Stress? Try Budget-Friendly Crystal Jewelry for Well Being and Style

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You could easily argue for or against the healing powers of crystals. But you would have trouble arguing that crystals and crystal jewelry aren’t inherently beautiful. A piece of rose quartz, for example, can present 15 different and equally perfect shades of pink. Natural amethyst does the same for purples and lavenders, while azurite redefines rich, deep blues.

From my perspective, wearing a pretty piece of organic jewelry — a simple, uncut stone on a chain, for example — is therapeutic in its own way. I don’t know why, but it feels right to keep a natural accessory close by. Maybe that’s the crystal’s mystical healing powers speaking to me, or maybe it’s my own fondness for things that are both attractive and affordable. Whatever the case, I like crystal jewelry for its timelessness and versatility. You can wear it with jeans for an earthy vibe or use it as an unexpected addition to a dressier ensemble.

And if that piece of jewelry also happens to heal emotional wounds or improve my sense of self-worth, heck, I’m down with that too.

Crystal jewelry I love

You can find nice selections of crystal jewelry at Moon Magic, Energy Muse, and Etsy. I shopped Moon Magic jewelry for these pieces. The retailer offers free shipping on orders over $50 and easy returns. View Moon Magic collections. I don’t know much about Energy Muse, but I’m taking a break from Etsy at the moment. After many great experiences shopping Etsy over the years, my last two Etsy purchases were total fails. 

1. Raw stone ring

A raw aquamarine ring is right in my wheelhouse. The textured blue stone is housed in a simple sterling setting. The color reminds me of the ocean in Fiji. At $59, this stunning piece is a bargain.

According to, aquamarine is the “Stone of Courage and Protection.” It is said to enhance spiritual communication and promote verbal self-expression.

2. Drop earrings

This classic drop earring makes a big statement with luminescent moonstone and a scalloped setting. You could wear these daily and they’d look fabulous with a floral summer dress or, in the winter, a neutral turtleneck sweater. says moonstone has healing and calming properties.

3. Marble bracelet

Delicate bracelets are a must in the summer, when it’s too darn hot to wear anything chunky. This stainless steel and marble piece is well worth its $19 price tag. Wear it alone or team it up with one or two additional bracelets to create an eclectic, but still feminine bracelet stack.

Marble apparently can cleanse the body of impurities and improves self-control.

4. Opal necklace

I have a Protection Eye necklace that a friend gave to me years ago, but it’s much larger and, frankly, creepier than this modern design. The eye-shaped Ethiopian Opal is surrounded by shiny white topaz stones, and the pendant hangs from a nickel-free Sterling Silver chain. Simple with a hint of glam.

Opal is said to release inhibitions, intensify emotions, and alleviate PMS.

What celebs say about crystals

Victoria Beckham, Kylie Jenner, Katy Perry, Adele, and Miranda Kerr all believe in the healing power of crystals. Beckham doesn’t leave home without a crystal on hand — she once posted an Instagram story showing the pouch of crystals she carries with her. Adele uses crystals to manage stage fright. Remember her failed stage performance at the 2017 Grammy’s? She had apparently lost her crystals just before the show and it threw her off her game. Perry talked about using rose quartz to attract men in a 2014 Cosmopolitan interview (I can’t not say it: Really? Rose quartz is what makes Katy Perry attractive to men??!).

What about science?

Celebrity anecdotes are fun, but crystal skeptics will chalk those stories up to the quirkiness of creative personalities. And those same skeptics will ask the obvious question: Do crystals really work? Is there proof?

I would argue that science cannot explain all things. Consciousness is an example. If the scientific community can’t agree on what consciousness is and where it comes from, it’s not that far-fetched to assume that science also doesn’t have a good way of dealing with matters relating to consciousness — such as the mystical powers of crystals. 

But I respect the question and even went looking for an answer. As it turns out, crystals are not a popular topic of scientific research. There was a study done in 2001, which did conclude that crystals probably do not have intrinsic powers. But researchers also said that crystals can be impactful for those who believe in them, like a placebo of sorts. Adele, for example, wholeheartedly believes her crystals help her manage anxiety. And so, she’s less anxious. In that sense, Adele’s crystals are serving their purpose.

You can interpret that to mean that crystals work or that crystals don’t work. Personally, I like to think crystals do have calming properties — and not just because that’s one more reason to invest in some pretty crystal jewelry this season.

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