April 11, 2021

Splurge Monday’s Workwear Report: Amira Printed Cotton-Blend Gauze Midi Dress

Splurge Monday’s Workwear Report: Amira Printed Cotton-Blend Gauze Midi Dress

I’ve heard such great things about menstrual cups on this s ite, but they are just not doing it for me. Before I got rid of mine, I thought I would see if anyone here can help me use them better. For what it’s worth, I have delivered 2 kids v*ally.

-Mess: (1) When I empty it, the blood leaves a big stain in our toilet, and I have to flush several times to get it to go (mostly) away. (2) It always drips a bit when I remove it, on the toilet seat, floor, sink ledge or similar (and I am a pretty neat, coordinated person). (3) Amplifying issues 1 and 2, it pretty much always gets loose, dislodged or uncomfortable when I have a BM, and so I have to remove, rinse and reinsert it whenever that happens. I am home right now on mat leave, and thereafter will be working from home until we have a vaccine, but these issues alone make it very hard for me to imagine using one if life returns to normal and I am back at work one day.

-Fit: Maybe related to (3) above, I find that sometimes it fits in perfectly, and sometimes it feels off. I can’t tell if it’s related to where I am in my cycle/period, or if it is related to digestion, or if it’s just persnickety to insert, or what. Over the course of nearly a year, I’ve tried several different cups, large and small, and have not managed to find one that consistently fits easily. And even when the fit seems fine, there is often a bit of leakage.

Honestly, at this point I am using them (coupled with period undies) out of environmental guilt, and my preference would be to go back to pads and tampons. An additional awkwardness is that there is often a curious child in the bathroom with me these days, and pads and tampons were much easier to be discreet about than a drippy, bloody cup that I need to clean and then fold up and jam in multiple times to get it right.

Please help me clean up my act!


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