April 11, 2021

An Update On My Virtual Personal Color Analysis

An Update On My Virtual Personal Color Analysis

An Update On My Virtual Personal Color Analysis

Happy Tuesday ladies. Several of you have asked about my virtual online color analysis so I thought I would give you a quick update. My journey through virtual color analysis has been a bumpy one so it’s taking more time than I anticipated. My roundup will be a lengthy post so I may break it into two.

Personal Color Analysis: Is It For You?

I’ve had three virtual personal color analysis’ done in the last two months. They were all done in a similar fashion. I took and submitted pictures of myself with colors near my face in varying lights, with and without makeup. This was followed up with a zoom session with each color professional. They had all decided on my coloring before the zoom session.

I did walk outside with my laptop for two of the sessions so they could get a “live” look at my skin tone. During the zoom call, we talked about which colors they decided were my most flattering and how I should wear them. Here’s the problem…three professionals came to three different conclusions! And they’re radically different.

The Three Colors You Should Never Wear

I questioned why they made the decisions they did because I need to understand why they have come to the conclusions they have. I also want to be sure I can explain their system to you accurately.

Because of the confusion, I’ve scheduled a consultation with a fourth consultant and I’m hoping for some consistency. I still have the two color pallets that were done by top color experts in the industry, in person and they are very similar. I have also reached out to one of them for some clarification.

How Our Colors Change As We Age

I do know our colors change as we age, but these pallets were done live by draping me in various colors and watching how my complexion changed…which makes them pretty significant.

My journey continues and I am learning a lot in the process. Many women had their colors done “back in the day” and were given the wrong pallet. The science and art of personal color analysis has come a long way in recent years and I hope to have some results to share soon.

Thanks for reading and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.


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