April 11, 2021

Monday Musings- Linen and Scents

Monday Musings- Linen and Scents

Monday Musings- Linen and Scents

Happy Monday ladies. Our weekend was hot as blazes so I spent most of it inside. We read and cooked and took remote yoga classes. Sunday we did a 75-minute class in the morning and a 60-minute one in the evening! The meditative quality of yoga is so enhanced when you do it at home it makes me wonder if people will ever want to go into studios again. I don’t think I will because I find it so relaxing and easy to practice at home.

A few things on my mind this week –

I’ve been experimenting with several new sunscreens this summer, and even though I’m not getting outside as much as I would like, sunscreen is mandatory for me. colorscience sunscreen stick

colorscience sunscreen stickI found this new multi stick from Colorscience and I love it! It Has a physical SPF of 50 and feels very moisturizing. This is the neutral-toned blush shade which is a pretty nude shade on me. It also comes in a pretty cool-toned Berry here, and a warm-toned Bronze here.bottle of coola sunscreen

I picked up this one at my dermatologist in February. It’s only got an SPF 30 which I didn’t think was strong enough so I didn’t use it much. My daughter found it in my medicine cabinet a few weeks ago and loves it! So, of course, I had to try it again and I really do love it. It’s reef safe and leaves no white film…but remember I have very pale skin. It’s also supposed to help with VEB (blue) rays which I have been doing a lot of reading about.

Linen Pants

We all know that linen is not created equal but even the best quality wrinkles. Some tissue weights wrinkle the moment you simply look at them but others have more heft and seem to remain slightly smoother. Some I can take them out of the dryer hot, press smooth with my hands, and lay flat to cool. Other’s require my steamer or iron. I obviously prefer the ones that need less care but I won’t let that prevent me from wearing softer linen. Because these wide-leg linen pants were the perfect thing to wear yesterday when it was 99 degrees in the shade, I am on the hunt for more wider leg linen pants.

This week I’m reading The Scent Keeper, another Reese’s Book Club selection. It took me a little while to get into it but now that I am, I’m hooked! It makes me wish I could wander down a long counter cluttered with pretty perfume bottles, sniffing to my heart’s content. I’ve never been a one perfume woman so the hunt is almost as fun as the find.

What’s new in your world?


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