April 11, 2021

Backyard Picnic with the SOS Team

Backyard Picnic with the SOS Team

After self quarantining for months, our team finally reunited at Aimee’s backyard over a picnic. Due to the seriousness of the pandemic in California, the team has been diligent with wearing masks in the public and some of us went to get tested to ensure safety for everyone before meeting. We are very grateful for our health and the work life we share which allows us to keep going in the midst of these difficult times. The picnic was a special moment for us to connect and catch up with each other. We arranged flowers, baked cookies and laughed a whole lot until the chilly evening in L.A. sent us back indoors.

We were wearing the Song Of Style summer collection as if it was designed for this very moment. Alexa in the Gretchen mini dress looked so adorable like a bouquet in the glass vase. Lauren wore the Polly midi dress in the most comfortable material perfect for lounging. Patricia wore her favorite Naomi top paired with denim and Aimee wore the Tillie blazer in beautiful sage green linen.

We ordered shrimp and salmon tacos with guac and chips from Aimee’s favorite taco restaurant. The late afternoon sun was warm and gentle and the grass felt so nice against our legs. We left this dreamy picnic in the tranquil backyard feeling hopeful and grateful for what we have.


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