April 11, 2021

Monday Musings- Keeping Cool

Monday Musings- Keeping Cool

Monday Musings- Keeping Cool

Happy Monday ladies. We had another scorcher yesterday so my daughter and I took a quick road trip to Donner Lake. There’s nothing quite like cool mountain breezes the sound of water splashing ashore. We twinned in our matching Madewell Whisper T-shirts. She in shorts, me in loose linen pants.

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Here are a few things on my mind this week-

No-Slip Required

Do you wear slips? I’ve become a convert to skirts and dresses this summer because there’s nothing cooler in blistering temperatures. I’m pretty old school, yes I am dating myself here… but I was taught to always wear a slip. I have an entire collection in varying shapes that perform different functions. Some suck everything in, which I seldom bother with. Some smooth things out and some are just to preserve my modesty. The problem is, when it’s hot, I don’t want to add another layer so I love skirts and dresses with the slip sewn in.

This asymmetrical button linen dress would be totally see-through, except it’s lined! I was going to share this dress later this week, but the online sale ends today and if you like it, I want you to be able to pay as little as possible for it. I am wearing a regular length size 10, but it is also available in petite here.

I love to travel but very few of us are getting to be jet setters this year. This week I’m reading another book chosen for Reese’s book club called The Jet Setters. Its characters are so distinctive I find myself trying to decide which Enneagram number they are! I wonder if I have read too many books on the Enneagram:)  This book has been called one of the best beach reads of 2020. It’s a humorous read and has me itching to book a cruise.

Lip Color To Wear Under A Mask

I hesitate to even write the word mask because every time I do, someone gets incensed about it and gets political (usually on Facebook). The fact remains, I’m wearing a mask whenever I’m outside and but that doesn’t negate my need to add some color to my mouth. Lately, I’ve just been using my lip pencil which stays put but doesn’t make a mess on the inside of my mask. What are you using?

Thanks for reading and remember to wear what makes you feel confident.


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