April 11, 2021

How To Make The Most Of Your Cosy Wardrobe Post Lockdown

How To Make The Most Of Your Cosy Wardrobe Post Lockdown

Now that we’re slowly changing out of our loungewear and pyjamas during the day again, you might find yourself missing that constant comfort in your day to day. So, why not make them feel extra special when you get to put them back on after a long day? Take your nighttime routine to the next level with pretty and comfortable sleepwear looks that feel more put together: think silky fabrics, matching lingerie sets, fun socks and cute scrunchies…

1. Pastel blue

This baby blue ruffled set is so pretty, you’ll still want to wear it all day long. Pair it with matching underwear and socks, then add a pretty silky scrunchie to tie up your hair after a long day.

2. Peach dreams

If you’re looking for something a little more neutral, this peach jersey set will be your new go-to. Throw on a casual cream jumper for cooler mornings and brighten up the look with colourful scrunchies and socks.

3. Feathers

This printed set is perfect for sleeping in on the weekends. Wear it with your favourite lingerie set and white socks. The silky cami is so chic, no one will notice if you incorporate it into your next ‘jeans and a nice top‘ going out look.

4. Baby pink

Look no further than these two sets for your new everyday sleepwear and comfy lingerie. Just add some fun socks and a pretty scrunchie and your nighttime look will feel a lot more special and thought out.

5. Strawberries and lime 

This combination of green and light pink just screams summer and you’ll never go wrong with a classic shirt and shorts fit. Add a fluffy jumper for warmth and fun accessories to go with the look.


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