April 11, 2021

Daydreaming: 7 Splurge-y Fashion Buys to Make the Most of Your Next Cash Windfall

Daydreaming: 7 Splurge-y Fashion Buys to Make the Most of Your Next Cash Windfall

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Splurge buys? At a time when unemployment is off the charts, and our nation is working through some major economic and social issues? Yes, I’m talking about fashion splurges — the stuff you daydream about, the goods you want irrationally, the pieces you may not ever actually buy because real life demands more practical uses of your cash.

You see, I’m a believer in daydreaming. Spend some time imagining the realization of your most outlandish goals and — low and behold — those goals become real things that you can plan for and achieve. Call it manifesting or visualization or the power of optimism. I’m not hung up on the label, but I know this to be true: A daily dose of daydreaming can change your life. And even if you don’t buy that idea, you can’t deny that daydreaming is an enjoyable escape from all the craziness 2020 is throwing at us.

Now I won’t go as far as to say a closet full of designer goods ensures your steadfast happiness. We all know that’s not the case. But since we’re all here to talk about style and beauty, here are seven fashion splurges I would make if money were no object.

Best Fashion Splurges

1. Tennis bracelet

There’s just something about diamond bracelets. They’re timeless, versatile, and oh-so-indulgent. I mean, really, most onlookers wouldn’t know if those are real gems on your wrist or not. But when you know you’re wearing the real deal, it’s like channeling Ginger from Gilligan’s Island — you’re so glam you’ll wear an evening gown even when you’re stranded on a tropical island.

I have a beautiful sapphire tennis bracelet that was gifted to me by my husband and BFF, and I love it. But I do not (yet) own a diamond tennis bracelet. I love this design from Roman Malakov because it dazzles on the strength of alternating cuts alone.

2. Designer sandals

My guess is that many women would pick a high-end heel as their designer shoe splurge, but I vote for a designer sandal. This woven design from Bottega Veneta will set you back a cool $1,200. And in return for your investment, you have a shoe you can wear almost daily. Try them with jeans, shorts, skirts, or dresses. You might even see this sandal make an appearance in a casual office environment — that is, if you ever make a return to the office.

3. Hermes belt

This Hermes belt is reversible, which somehow makes the $890 price tag seem more reasonable. Right? Hah — who am I kidding? That’s a ridiculous sum of cash to drop on a belt, no matter how many configurations it offers. Still, I love the subtle texture of the leather, the stitching, and of course, the logo buckle. If I win the lottery, I will definitely own this belt. And I’d probably wear as often as I slip into those Bottega Veneta sandals.

4. Chanel shorts suit

I’m not sure if my life presents any occasions to step into this Chanel shorts suit, but that’s not keeping it off my list of fashion splurges. Heck, I’d be OK wearing this chic set around the house — assuming I could figure out the temperature required to be comfortable in long, tweed sleeves paired with bare legs. Minor details. The jacket is “priced upon request,” but you can pick up the silver lambskin shorts for $4,150.

5. Burberry cashmere trench coat

The Burberry trench coat isn’t an imaginative pick for a fashion splurge, and there’s a reason for that. It’s a simple, classic piece that can fit into any winter wardrobe. Wrap yourself in one of these and you’re instantly warm and stylish. Knee-length with a belted waist, this coat flatters most figures, too. You can choose from camel, bronze, navy, or black — I have my eyes on the camel version, though. And the price of $2,990 feels like a bargain relative to those Chanel shorts.

6. Prada tote bag

Way back when I was a youngster in my 20s, I roamed around Europe with friends for a month. One of our stops was Milan, and seemingly every female tourist in town was flaunting a shiny, new Prada bag. I guess the feeling of being left out stuck with me for all these years, which is why I’m adding a $2,850 Prada tote bag to my splurge list. This bag has a nice practical size — big enough to hold whatever you need, but not so enormous that it overtakes your body.

7. Chanel sunglasses

On the above-mentioned trip to Europe, I did make one splurge buy: an oversized pair of Chanel sunglasses. It was an ill-advised purchase that set me back about $250 — money I definitely did not have. But oh how I loved those sunglasses. I wore them everywhere, mostly because they had a movie star vibe. I held onto them for a few years, but ultimately left them in a dressing room by accident. I went back to look for them and someone had already snatched them up. I can only hope she enjoyed my Chanel sunglasses as much as I did.

Someday I’ll replace my Chanel sunnies. I don’t want aviators or anything modern, either. I want black, square-ish, oversized frames that cover most of my face. Because that’s what a starlet would wear.

How about you? What’s on your list of fashion splurges? Let me know in the comments.


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