April 11, 2021

Chef Jade Verette is Turning Up the Heat

Chef Jade Verette is Turning Up the Heat

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Culinary creator. Cocktail curator. Co-host. When it comes to Jade Verette, aka @jadeofalljades, things are heating up with this budding entrepreneur! Based out of Brooklyn, NY, Jade can often be found slicing and dicing her way through the Tri-state area, hosting pop-up dinner parties and catered events. Outside of the kitchen, Jade co-hosts two podcasts, Gettin’ Grown & Jade and XD, and is a full-time mom and wife. In other words, when it comes to building the Jade Verette empire, it’s full steam ahead! Keep scrolling through to read about her recipes for success.

Food is a Family Affair

When reflecting on her passion for food and her journey to becoming a chef, Jade’s story hits close to home. “My mom is also a chef, and my father is a foodie, so growing up with two people who loved to eat and weren’t afraid of a variety of flavors helped create this monster in the kitchen.”

Despite her culinary-centric childhood, Jade is quick to note that her earliest experience in the kitchen was self-taught. “The first time was when I was craving apple pie and nobody was home, and meal delivery didn’t exist yet. So I said if I want apple pie I better figure out how to make it! So I did.”

Unsurprisingly, Jade’s love for the kitchen has transcended generations to her daughter. When asked about her favorite meal and who she would share it with, her answer simmers with love. “Chicken Souvlaki with homemade hummus, tzatziki, greek salad, and lemon potatoes. It’s my favorite simple go-to meal for the brightness and simple, but bold, flavors. I’d share it with my daughter, Noah, because my husband doesn’t eat chicken.”

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Serving Up Skills

Top Chef Thomas Keller once said, “A recipe has no soul. You, as the cook, must bring soul to the recipe.” For many of us, cooking can often be used as a form of self-expression, with recipes meant to mirror one’s personality. When asked what she wants her creations to say about her, Jade champions the idea of accessibility. “I want them to say, ‘This is damn delicious, and it’s something I can make at home.’ I don’t want to share recipes. I want to share tools that assist with loving food and creating for your personal taste buds and palate.”

Jade’s skills, however, extend far beyond the kitchen! In addition to being featured on and contributing to countless digital publications, Jade can be heard co-hosting two popular podcasts! “Outside of the culinary world, I host two podcasts, Gettin’ Grown & Jade and XD. I get to jump on a microphone and talk shit for an hour or so, and people have the nerve to actually listen to them.” We’re hitting the subscribe button ASAP!

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Bake to the Future

As Jade’s business continues to boil to new heights, her advice for novice chefs and cocktail curators is words to live (and cook) by. “Imposter Syndrome is a dirty skeezer. Don’t let her scare you into thinking your personal creations aren’t good enough. Focus on having a good time and never forget, you got into this because you love to eat and drink!”

As for Jade herself, her ambitions for the @jadeofalljades brand proves she’s not turning down the heat anytime soon. In five years time, she envisions herself, “Hopefully on someone’s TV talking trash and making something with butter. And I want a farm pretty badly so here’s to manifesting!” Cheers!

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