May 11, 2021

5 Of The Best Places To Go To This Weekend And What To Wear

5 Of The Best Places To Go To This Weekend And What To Wear

The 4th of July – typically a huge celebration for America – has suddenly become the biggest day of the year for us Brits. If you haven’t already heard, a lot of spots are reopening this weekend. Not sure where to head for your first proper post-lockdown outing? We picked five of our favourite London locations that are reopening Saturday (don’t worry, we checked) and picked out the perfect outfit for each, so you’re all set and ready to go! But remember: stay safe, keep your distance, follow the venue’s guidelines, wear a mask and keep washing those hands…

1. Pergola, Paddington

Being one of the larger rooftop spots in London, Pergola is the perfect destination for a post-lockdown soiree with plenty of room to suit all your social distancing needs. Both of its huge bars are scheduled to be open meaning any queues won’t be too long. Plus, it’s unbelievably beautiful with both an open and perspex roof so you’re sorted whatever the weather.

2. Studio 388, Greenwich

Making use of its huge outdoor space, Studio 388 is launching it’s ‘Pub Tropicana’ pop-up this Saturday. Expect open-air socially distanced quizzes, underground bingo, resident DJs, street food, cocktails (we could keep going). We’re marking this the perfect way to officially the kick off the summer we’ve been waiting for.

3. The Ivy – Chelsea Garden, King’s Road

Feeling like a little luxury? We don’t blame you. The Chelsea Garden is the first of The Ivy locations to open and it’s legendary, leafy summer garden has been refurbished especially for the big day. This is a great spot if you want to feel extra special this weekend and wear those heels you haven’t seen in a while.

4. Lost in Brixton

Launching just last year, Lost in Brixton quickly became the ultimate hangout spot for any South Londoners. Now that it’s back for it’s second season in the sun, we just can’t wait for the classic cocktails, live music and of course the food delivery service offering meals from local food vendors. Plus, it’s open all week from 12pm to late!

5. The Duke of Hamilton, Hackney

If you’ve just missed a classic pub and aren’t looking for anything too fancy – The Duke of Hamilton is the place to head. Think laid-back vibes with everything quintessentially British making this a great way to ease yourself back into the weekends we’ve so dearly missed.


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