April 11, 2021

Tell It Like It Is: Emily Gutman

Tell It Like It Is: Emily Gutman

Emily Rocks the Rainbow in the Redwoods. Shop her look: ModCloth x Collectif Jet-setting Time Maxi Dress and the Spring Into Action Canvas Sneaker by Keds.

Emily Gutman was our very first #FashionTruth Spotlight in 2015 and we have been inspired by her story ever since. When we last chatted, Emily shared her love for photography and gave us some insights on how to be comfortable and confident in front of the camera. Now, Emily is putting a pin in her photography endeavors and is currently focused on her lifelong love for sewing, turning her hobby into a business venture! For this installment of the newly renamed Tell It Like It Is, we are catching up with the pet lover, self-taught sewing master, and former photographer. A woman after our own heart.

The Power of the Perfect Fit

Emily Shows off an Original Mighty Femme Patterns Design!

In 2019, Emily photographed her last wedding and began researching garment pattern drafting classes. Instead of committing to a couple days of instruction, she enrolled in a two year fashion design school. Now, Emily is dreaming up a business designing clothing patterns for home sewists.

Emily has been sewing since she was a child and made her own clothes in high school and college. Now, she is wearing her handmade creations exclusively and enjoying the benefits of crafting the perfect fit. She hopes to empower other makers to discover the same thing. “It’s amazing how a little tweak can make a world of difference in how a garment fits,” says Emily. “Having that extra knowledge of how to fit a pattern to my own body means making clothes that fit me perfectly, which lends to having more confidence in my outfits”.

The Rise of the Mask Maker

Emily Shows off One of Her Must-Have Masks!

This year, the sewing community answered the call to mask making for essential personnel working during the COVID-19 pandemic. Emily was among them, ready to take to her sewing machine in unity with her peers. She was delighted that others were eager to learn a new skill in the moment. “It’s always fun to have more people join us, and for those who don’t stay, I think this will instill a greater appreciation for the time and skills it takes to sew, and will lead to people being more thoughtful when it comes not only to the home-sewing community, but to the garment industry at large.”

Dressed for Herself

While the world is dressing down in yoga pants and pajama sets, Emily is looking for opportunities to dress up. A trip to the grocery store is now a chance to show off her style with a printed mask in tow. “I’ve been SO excited to dress up for my occasional grocery outings, that I’ve really started pulling outfits that I would normally reserve for more special occasions,” says Emily. She is wearing the ModCloth x Collectif Jet-setting Time Maxi Dress and the comfy Spring Into Action Canvas Sneaker by Keds. “I got into a rut of just wearing my least exciting clothes for everyday errands and work, not wanting to draw attention to myself, but now I’m remembering how fun it is to dress up for myself,” says Emily.

In the middle of a challenging year, Emily rose to every occasion with needle and thread in hand. Whether it is making masks for her community or drafting garment patterns that empower other makers, Emily is looking to the future, telling it like it is one dress at a time.

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